My Favorite Polyglot Bloggers to Follow

#1 Fluent in 3 Months 

I am not a fan of this blog’s title (more on that in another post), but am a fan of the blog itself. It’s written by a plucky Irish fellowBlog1 who travels the world every three months taking on a new language or language project. It’s the kind of exhausting endeavor I would never take on myself, but makes for a super entertaining read, all while providing morsels of language-learning tips and advice.

Good place to start: Language Hacks 



#2 The Linguist

The polyglot behind this blog, Steve Kaufman, is the real deal. No inflated claims or snake oil here; he offers up rock solid blog steveadvice on how to learn a language to mastery, something he has done with 9+ languages. He also created a language learning site called Lingq that has loads of authentic content with audio. You can also find lots of advice from him on YouTube.

Good place to start:  Home page 


#3 Speaking Fluently

Like Kaufman, this blogger (Richard Simcott) is a language tour-de-force. He is not quite as prolific as Kaufman in the blogging Blog polyglotdepartment, but still offers up great advice as he tackles yet another language. He sets realistic goals and lets the readers in on the nitty-gritty of how he is learning. He hasn’t written much lately on his website but continues to post on Speaking Fluently’s Facebook page.

Good place to start:  Language Learning Tips 


#4 I Will Teach You a Language  

This blog is about how to take control of your own language 28cab4631ecdcb1c5a17771894525a84_olly_main_photolearning and get results. Olly Richards is a polyglot, currently living in Cairo and learning Egyptian Arabic. The best thing about this site is its specificity. He breaks down the learning process, learning tools, online resources and other approaches to study in great detail so learners can benefit from what he has tried and seen that works.

Good place to start: Home Page


#5 Language Tsar

Conor Clyne is a polyglot who lives and works all around theblog tsar world picking up new languages as he goes. He is useful to follow since he is always testing out and reviewing online learning resources and handing out advice on what has worked for him. He frequently posts videos of himself interviewing popular online polyglots to get their advice and tips.

Good place to start: Learning Tips from Polyglots  


#6 Lingoholic 

This site is chock-full of great language learning resources and blog lingoholicadvice. Everything from “How to Turn your Facebook Feed into a Language Learning Machine” to “The Top Five Free Tools to Help You Learn a Foreign Language”. Each post is well researched with an eye on providing the reader with solid, practical resources.

Good place to start: Home Page 


#7 Polyglot Dream 

Luca seems to be everywhere in the polyglot blogosphere. He is widely admired for his Blog lucalanguage skills (9+ languages) and offers up lots of practical advice. This is a good site to go to for inspiration and to find out how someone takes so many languages to mastery.

Good place to start: Archives 



 #8 Learnlangs 

All right, I will admit it: I actually don’t follow this blogger. But I will.  It took some real digging around to find just one female polyglot who blogs. And this is the only one on my list so far. I gave her site a gander and it blog8looks like she has lot of interesting resources to share on general language learning and on the specific languages she studies. She also has an online learning Mandarin program in the works called, LearnYu, that looks great.

Good place to start: Online resources

So why are there so few female polyglots in the blogosphere? More on that in my next post…

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