Chit-Chat Chinese: Beginner Lesson #5

The fifth lesson in this beginner learner series is up. This time we review asking and answering questions, and learn a new way to ask a question. We also have a new dialogue using everything learned so far. Check it out!

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson 4

In this 4th lesson we get you started on verbs. Verbs are easy in Mandarin since there is no conjugation involved. You’ll get a dialogue at the end to tie everything together. Have a fun!

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson 3

You can find the first chapter here – this lesson covers pages 10-14.

To find the full playlist, starting from Lesson 1, click here.

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson 2

Hello, I am back with our second lesson in this beginning Mandarin series. Don’t forget to download chapter 1 of “Chit-Chat Chinese” here.



Beginner Mandarin Lessons, Now on Youtube!

Have you been wondering when Chit-Chat Chinese was finally going to give some love to the beginners amongst us? Well, wonder no more. I have begun to make lessons on Youtube and intend to focus on teaching content from the “Chit-Chat Chinese” book. You will not need to buy the book to follow the course, however. All the content needed will be shared in the videos. Check them out (more to come very soon):

Any other content you would like me to create? What do you need most as a learner? Let me know!